Revive, Re-energize, and Detoxify Your Body 

NuFeet™ Detoxifying Foot Patches!

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Feel dead every day? This means your body is crying for help: it’s full of toxins. Thankfully, detoxifying is easier than you think with the help of the NuFeet™ Detoxifying Foot Patches! 

These easy-to-apply patches will rejuvenate, revive, and refresh you inside and out as you sleep. The result? Restful sleep, promising mornings, and a fully-charged body battery!


 all-natural essences & Extracts

  •  Each NuFeet™ Detoxifying Foot Patch is loaded with all-natural essences and extracts that provide a powerful cleansing, all without harmful side effects.
  • The lavender, on the other hand, provides soothing sleep, reduces foot inflammation, and wards away fungi. Both of these main ingredients are bolstered by more all-natural botanicals that result in better skin, better sleep, and better energy! 

  • Boosts your metabolism, reduces stress, and heightens your energy levels, allowing you to face every day with a new you. 

  • Includes time-tested natural antioxidant botanicals! The bamboo vinegar is packed with acetic acid that ensures all the ingredients penetrate through the soles of your feet on top of promoting digestion, neutralizing odors, and remedying discomfort. 


The NuFeet™ Detoxifying Foot Patch frees your body from toxins and waste that drag your energy down. Boosts your metabolism, reduces stress, and heightens your energy levels, allowing you to face every day with a new you.  


Nutritionist and wellness expert, Dr. Cleotha Smiths attests to the cleansing power of the NuFeet™ Detoxifying Foot Patch.

"Your body has a built-in natural detox system. It does its best, but with the ever-evolving, suffocating needs of modern life, it struggles. It takes on more than it can handle. The toxins build up. It needs support and protection.”

"These foot patches aren’t just easy to apply, they’re incredibly effective. Ever since my patients introduced NuFeet™ Detoxifying Foot Patch to their nightly beauty routine, I’ve found that they didn’t just help clear up the body toxins, it also left them feeling energized in the mornings. Even some of my patients stated that their meditation sessions feel better!” 


NuFeet™ Detoxifying Foot Patches:

Truly restful, high-quality sleep for better dreaming and fuller rest. 

✅ Wake up each morning feeling energized, refreshed, and just plain new! 

Clearer, moisturized, gorgeously glowing skin. No more worrying about acne breakouts. 

Zero side-effects: they work from the feet up and through your body’s intricate detox system. 

Boosted metabolism for faster weight loss and fat burning. 


  1. When you’re just about ready to turn in for the night, give your feet a cleaning.Open the packaging on your NuFeet™ Detoxifying Foot Patches and tear off the adhesive paper backing. 
  2. Stick the patch onto the sole of your foot and press firmly. 
  3. When you wake up in the morning (after about 6-8 hours of sleep,) gently peel patches off. You’ll see black residue- a sign that your feet have been detoxified!
  4. Wipe the soles of your feet with a paper or hot towel. 
  5. Repeat 1-2 times a week for the best results. 


“Seeing all that black gunk on the patches was eye-opening. It’s strange to think that our bodies have that much toxicity. I put these on every night now and they have helped tremendously with my random breakouts and fatigue problem. My skin is glowing, I’m smiling more, loving life! Highly recommended!” – Kerri Harvey, 29, homemaker and business owner, Minnesota

“As a single dad, I work two jobs, up to 60 hours a week, to support my 3 kids. I felt dead on my feet. Ever since a friend gifted me with these, my body is finally starting to feel like it’s catching up to what I want to do.” Lucas Bartlett, 41, hotel valet and delivery driver, Nevada 

“For what feels like forever, I hated getting up in the mornings, drained from waking up randomly in the night. It got so bad it started to affect the way I worked. Nearly got fired from nodding off at my desk more than once. At the risk of sound like I’m exaggerating these patches, weirdly enough, have improved the way I sleep. I’m back on my game.” Jordan Halliday, 33, software engineer, New York 

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