46-year-old Top Foot Model Getting 'Insane Amount' of Jobs After Conquering Foot Conditions that Nearly Ended Her Career

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 | By Elsa Abbott

"If you know anyone suffering from calluses, cracked heels, and uneven skin tones, I urge you to share my story."

"They may not be foot models but everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. I hope this will ease their insecurity."   

You aren't familiar with her face but you've probably seen her feet.

Cristina Elsley's gorgeous feet have graced ads for top footwear and nail polish brands for over 20 years. And at the age of 46 years, she had "feet like a 20-something's" that still landed her more jobs over models half her age. 

"This late in life, I was beating models 20 years younger for gigs."

A single mother with 3 kids, her income from gigs provided her family a comfortable home in Minnesota, her kids steady schooling, and 11-year-old daughter Molly insulin to fight diabetes.

"Everything was going fine. I felt secure. Well, until disaster struck. Then I was losing jobs fast."

Years of Work and a Bad Dry Spell: What Nearly Ended Her Career

The source of their security, Cristina's feet are well taken care of with nightly lotion, massaging, and skincare routines. Until the strain of her work and a dry spell abroad transformed them. 

Concerned friends who knew Cristina relied on her feet to keep a roof over their heads pointed it out: her feet were starting to get plagued with dry patches, calluses, and cracked heels. 

 "People began pointing it out: 'your feet look tired.' The pity on their faces was almost unbearable."

But the biggest shock came when her podiatrist Mark Simms said this was inevitable- and possibly irreversible.

 "That much time spent in heels or standing WILL wear down your feet, no matter how hard you take care of them."  

With No Known Cure, Her Modeling Journey Came to An Abrupt Halt

“We'd end up on the streets. Molly wouldn't have her insulin.”

Once the gigs started drying up, so did the income stream. Cristina began to fear for the safety of her kids especially her daughter's medical bills. This left her absolutely devastated. She knew she had to try everything she could and invested a small portion of their savings on treatments that could save her feet and reverse the worsening situation. 

One pricey treatment after another, fish spas, various oils, machine treatments, even holistic treatments like “energy healing.” 

Sadly, nothing worked!

 "I was terrified! Of losing my gigs, our house. We'd end up on the streets. Molly wouldn't have her insulin. Nothing seemed to work. I was close to giving up, but I know I couldn't with my family's safety at stake."

 Nearing her wit's end, Cristina would thankfully find a solution in a doctor from Japan: one Dr. Kengo Ogiwara. 

A solution borne out of Japanese women's feet woes 

Dr. Ogiwara is all too familiar with Cristina's problems. "In Japan, women worry a lot about their feet. Maybe more so than in the West." (Translated.) 

Many of his female friends often confided in him about their feet insecurities, jokingly asking him to come up with a 'magic solution.' And so he did. 

He spent months in the lab working on a brand-new solution. The result? A "gentle foot exfoliating mask that uses lactic acid to boost the foot's natural regeneration process.”

 "This combination of lactic acid and other compounds make up a gentle solution. It boosts the foot's natural regeneration process, restoring smoothness and brightness,” states Dr. Ogiwara.

Designed to help repair calluses, cracked heels, uneven skin tones, and dry, rough feet, the masks are packed with essences, including apple acid, aloe vera, and glycerin. These not only exfoliate your feet back to smoothness but also provide them with moisture. According to Dr. Ogiwara, this moisture keeps feet “supple and refreshed.” 

 And using the masks is simple: simply wash your feet with warm water, let dry, and put the masks on. Wearing a pair of socks on top is recommended to keep your feet soaked with the essences. Put on a TV show or movie and wait for the masks to do their magic. Once 30 minutes to an hour and a half have passed, peel off the mask and wash your feet.

Dr. Ogiwara's Excellent Track Record and how He Worked His Magic on Cristina

Dr. Ogiwara would eventually make the Japanese beauty blogging circle rounds and have only just begun to break into the Western beauty world, which is how Cristina's friend stumbled upon him. 

 “We wear heels at my retail job so not only do we have to stand all day long, our feet have to look good, too. These masks have been a life-saver! Knowing I have nice-looking feet helps a ton with my confidence.” Chisato Araki, boutique sales associate (translated)

 “I’ve integrated these foot masks into my beauty routine. They keep my feet feeling pampered and fresh with every use. I’d rank these as my number 1 feet product!” Satomi Tonegawa, beauty blogger & barista (translated)

 “They’re incredibly easy to use and leave your feet feeling baby-soft. Highly recommended.” Gabrielle Frances, flight attendant 

 Cristina was advised by the doctor to apply the exfoliation mask to her feet over the course of a week. Skeptic at first but desperate, Cristina followed his instructions to the letter.

 "My feet were peeling like I was a snake shedding skin. It was icky but also weirdly satisfying? It looked like it was working so I kept doing it."

The “time machine” feet exfoliating mask 

Near the end of that week, Cristina got the shock of her life. 

 "I couldn't believe it. My jaw dropped. It was like I put them in a time machine! It looked better than even before the rough patches and calluses. The last time my feet were this soft, I was a baby." 

 The modeling gigs have been pouring in again. In fact, she's getting paid more due to her feet looking better than ever.

 "I've been taking fewer jobs for more pay and spending way more time with my kids. I couldn't be happier. When I tell you that man and his foot masks saved our lives, I'm not exaggerating."

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