Mikari Hanzo Is Hailed As The Symbol Of Energy. 

His Secret Lies In Japan’s Honshu Island. 

Friday, February 28, 2020 | By Elsa Abbott

Ninjas were known to be spies and assassins who were prized more for their stealthiness than fighting ability. Their services were used mainly in times of war. And the famous of them all was Mikari Hanzo, also known as “The Lightning”. He has been a ninja until he was 117 years old. Many people wonder how Legend has it that he possessed unearthly power. 


The ancient mystery captured the fascination of a medical scientist, Dr. Andrew Jones, who realized that Japan has the highest life expectancy of any country in the world. That piqued Dr. Jones’ curiosity. Also knowing how much Japanese people are proud and how they protect their history, all the bits and pieces suggested to him there may be some truth to the mystery. 

This led him to conduct research about the aged legend and invited the famous Japanese anthropologist, Dr. Hiro Fihta to a voyage into Japan’s Island named Honshu, an island which is known to be Hanzo’s hideout. 11 hours of sailing through the Japanese waters…

The First Sight of Honshu Island, They Discovered A Miracle 

As evidenced by the unusual stone, the boulder was once called a “miracle stone” for its powerful health benefits.

Further scrutiny revealed the stone to be Germanium stones, an ancient form of alternative treatment that relaxes body and soul.

“Ninjas like Hanzo were highly-trained proponents of the martial arts. They need something that can improve their balance and stamina, but Hanzo’s skills were more different than the others. That’s why it really had my interest.” - Dr. Andrew Jones 

And at some point during 1562- 1659, Germanium stones were evolved to include the use of medicine because they believed that it gave them healing. 

“To know more about this, we collected small fragments of the boulder as well as the soil where it sits.” - Dr. Andrew Jones 

Germanium: One of The Rarest Gems and Its Benefits 

“I couldn’t believe that I would find a Germanium. I’ve almost traveled around the world but this was the first time I saw one.”

“My fellow anthropologists have been searching for this stone for centuries. Unfortunately, we never saw one until now.” 

“Researchers believed that once Germanium is in contact with the human skin, the negatively charged electrons from the millions of Germanium atoms will attract the harmful positively charged electrons from the body. This method is also known as the dehydrogenation effect where oxygen atoms consolidate with hydrogen ions which have incorporated in the body to eliminate them. ” - Dr. Hiro Fihta 

They Believed That Mikari Hanzo Unlocked His Full Body Potential Through The Use of Germanium 

During 1562-1659, they refer to Germanium as “Sacred Stone”. It was made of volcanic lava. It was when Akita-Yake-Yama, a volcano in Honshu island, exploded. People never thought that a tragedy can become a lucky charm. It brought disaster to many people but as it gradually changed to a Germanium, it became a blessing. 


According to the legend, Germanium gives the “Kanji” or also known as positive energy. It helps to increase temperature under the skin as well as promotes microcirculatory flow within the human body, thus improving one’s overall health condition. Germanium brought a thousand healing during Hanzo’s times 

Digging deeper, Dr. Fihta found out that Hanzo was obsessed with things that give him more energy and he sought to endow the elixir of Kanji. 


This made Hanzo one of the most deadly ninjas because of his body’s harmony and strength. It enhances his balance and his body’s coordination.  

The Laboratory Testing Produced The The Major Breakthrough..

And There Was More to It 

“As we go deeper studying the samples, the rumored health benefits of the stone are 98% proven true.”

Germanium was used as jewelry by ancient people because of its positive effects. Many illnesses have been healed by Germanium stones during Hanzo’s era. They believed that the closer the stone is to your skin, the more you are protected. 

As they gathered more data about the stone, they were more shocked finding out that the stone is a great protector from EMF Radiation. 

Germanium is known to be a semiconductor component that involves a small band gap that enables it to efficiently react to the infrared light. Due to its innate ability to balance the ions within our body and the invasion of Infrared Rays into our body, these germanium stones are considered the best for its own health benefits. 

Additionally, it also toils as a biological-response transformer that empowers your body to change its response to the tumors. That’s why with its full potential, it can actually cure cancer. They were bewildered with the new findings.  

 “Germanium will increase positive energy and align with protective power.In this world full of technology, radiation is everywhere. And people need something that can assure them that they are protected from it.”

“That is why I’ve decided to come up with a piece of jewelry just like what they did in that era.” - Dr. Andrew Jones.

This also explains how Hanzo gained his strength and vitality.  

Dr. Jones Came Up With a Prototype And Conducted Extensive User Testing. 

The Results Were Amazing! 

The Japanese Authorities Have Enforced Laws That Limits The Mining Of The Boulder 

With the research being a success, Dr. Jones wanted to bring this to the Western Market. But his plan hit a stumbling block.

Japanese Authorities have implemented laws on their cultural artifacts. Mikari Hanzo’s hideout is one, declaring it as a “no-go” area. The boulder is now off-limits. 

Fortunately, Dr. Jones got a full backing of the American Medical Association. He obtained special sanction and retrieved parts of the boulder. Supply is expected to be highly limited due to how hard it is to source for the rare materials. 

At last count, there are only a hundred stocks left in the country and they’re selling out fast! 

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