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From Vicious Dog Attacks

One Click Stops Aggressive Dog

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  • A nasty bite wound, huge medical bills, traumatic experience and worst of all, rabies – these are the awful things you can get when you are bitten by a dog. 
  • Whether it’s a stray dog or your neighbor’s, there’s always a chance of you and your family members meeting an aggressive kind. 
  • Hearing those threatening snarls and seeing those large fangs could really be a frightening experience. 
  • That’s why the CanineSafe™️ Bark Silencer is here to help. It’s designed to protect and keep you and your loved ones safe from canine attacks.


Using the latest ultrasonic technology, the CanineSafe™️ Bark Silencer produces a powerful yet harmless high-frequency sound that’s audible to canines but not to humans. 

They’ll find the sound so annoying that they will stop barking and run away. 

It’s an effective solution to fend off or train dogs. 

And is far more humane than using dog collars, casting stones, or using weapons.


Dr. James Conway, a veterinarian and an active member of WVA (World Veterinary Association), attests to the safeness of the CanineSafe™️ Bark Silencer:

“The CanineSafe™️ Bark Silencer only uses an ultrasonic wave of 20,000Hz – 25,000Hz to get the dogs’ attention and stop their bad behavior. It doesn’t emit sounds that could damage their ears. 

Even though the sound will be unpleasant to the dogs, it will not cause them any distress.”


By arming yourself with a CanineSafe™️ Bark Silencer, you’ll have peace of mind wherever you may be. You never have to worry about chancing upon dogs and getting pounced at!

Be Able To Help Others Who Have Fallen Victim To Dog Harassment

Able To Protect Your Loved Ones, Especially Little Kids And The Elderly  

Continue Daily Activities Such As Biking, Jogging, Delivering Mail And More Without Getting Bothered By Dogs 

For Dog Owners And Trainers, You Can Train Pets To Prevent Bad Behaviors and Aggressiveness


1) Simply point the CanineSafe™️ Bark Silencer with the speaker facing towards the dog and press the top button. 

2) The dog will hear a high-pitched sound only audible to them and runs away. The intensity of the sound can be controlled using the settings button found at the bottom of the device. 

3) Click the button up to activate the LED light. 

4) Click the button in the middle to activate a low intensity perfect for training. 

5) And finally, click the button down to activate the highest intensity to scare them off.


“Finally, a device made for me! I deliver mail every day and needless to say, I've encountered and almost got attacked by aggressive dogs a lot. With the CanineSafe, I feel safe and secure. Now I won’t have to be afraid of getting bitten by them." - Michael D. from Sacramento, CA

“In the picture are my two Brussel Griffins,the red one is my male (Foo) he’s the sweetest little guy, and the black and tan is my female (Abby), she’s my rescue puppy almost 8 yrs old and constantly barks at my son and I mean all the time, when I ordered this little device I was very skeptical, but when it arrived and my son used it on her it worked and after the first time he only has to pick it up and point it at her, what a super little device." - Kathryn B. from Wichita, KS

“My husky is a previous abused rescue that we got less than two months ago and has needed lots of work trying to help him decompress, honestly I just got this today and I LOVE IT! He was able to come sit on the couch with me and let me pet him and was able to interact lightly with our younger husky. I’m buying another one when I get done writing this review!! Life changing. I can’t wait to see his progression"- Callum S. from Newark, NJ

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