At certain points in our lives, we will all go through body aches and pains. This may be due to work, lifestyle, eating or sleeping habits, stress, injury, or age-related wear and tear. But while it’s inevitable, it doesn’t mean that we must live and go through it every day. 

If you want to make muscle pain, joint tension, arthritis, or sciatica go away using an easy, no-side effect approach, the Bruner Orthopedic Pillow is ready to help. 


The Bruner Orthopedic Pillow is a gentle and safer alternative to over-the-counter painkillers. It’ll soothe and take your aches and pain away without causing harmful side effects to your body. 

Made of a soft, slow-rebound memory foam that follows the natural curve of your body, it provides therapeutic relief by letting you sleep in a correct posture, relieving you of muscle pain, stress, and soreness. 


It is during sleep that your body gets busy restoring and repairing different functions. It releases hormones to encourage tissue growth to repair blood vessels. It also makes more white blood cells to attack viruses and bacteria that can hinder your body’s healing process. 

When you deprive your body of proper sleep and better rest, your immune system can’t protect your body from any infections, making it susceptible to musculoskeletal and chronic pain. 

It is best to let your body keep everything in proper alignment with a good night's rest using the Bruner Orthopedic Pillow. 


Dr. Isaac Bruner, the orthopedist behind this miracle pillow, attests to its effectiveness: 

 “I created the pillow for my pregnant wife, who was going through constant pain at night and in the mornings. With its special shape and high-density slow-bounce memory foam, it provided the support my wife needed when sleeping. It elevated and aligned her body to foster proper spine alignment alleviating soreness, numbness, and pelvic pain associated with pregnancy. 

"With further redesigning, the pillow now worked with all types of body pain, not just ones experienced by expecting moms. It works as you rest so you wake up feeling better than ever. The pillow is also made with hypoallergenic materials, making it safe for all skin types.”


With the Bruner Orthopedic Pillow, your body will be free of pain and aches. You will wake up feeling refreshed and in a better mood every day!

✔️ Provides soothing relief to hips, back, knee, and leg pain✔️ Reduces the painful impact of sciatica and arthritis 

✔️ Contours the knee, hips, and waist for proper spine alignment 

✔️ Promotes blood circulation to increase oxygen in the body and improve sleep quality 

✔️ For pregnant women, it helps you sleep on the side without leg numbness or pelvic pain 

 ✔️ 100% safe and will not cause harmful side effects as opposed to using OTC painkillers 


“I absolutely adore this pillow! It has made a huge difference in my sleep quality. I suffer from back pains and usually toss and turn in my sleep. But not with this pillow! I put it in between my legs, and it provides the support I need when I sleep on the side. It gives me good night sleep and I always wake up feeling better, like my body was fully recharged and energized.”- Mark O., IL. 

“I was diagnosed with a heart problem and my doctor advised me to take small walks to keep me fit. Trouble is, the workout left my legs sore and tired. Good thing I heard of this pillow. I use it to elevate my legs when I go to sleep. It hugs my legs in warmth and comfort and keep the pain away. Thank you for this wonderful product.”- Jean G., Salem, NY  

 “I have this hip pain for a while now. The pain is unbearable sometimes and I’ve tried every memory foam out there just to help ease my suffering. Sadly, no pillow ever worked for me. I was ready to give up until a friend recommended this. Having tried a lot of pillow already, I was cynical that it can help. But I was proven wrong since the first night I’ve used it. It was the first time in many months that I slept like a log and didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to a searing pain in my hips. I woke up refreshed and pain-free. This pillow is truly heaven sent!”- Colette, KS  

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