The World's Strongest 79-Year-Old Grandma BEATS Age and Pain with This Household Item

Friday, March 6, 2020 | By Jeniffer Albott

"I woke up every morning feeling like I was thirty again. It was witchcraft! I urge you to share my story with those suffering body pain, no matter the age. I know this will help ease the burdens of their bodies.."

Affectionately dubbed "The Strongest Grandma on Earth," Jane Price is a competitive weight-lifted who beats out weight-lifters decades younger than her. 

She took up weight-lifting later in life than most: 60. But now 79, she's collected a sizable amount of medals and trophies. 

"I only wanted to accompany my son. Didn't think I'd develop a passion." 

So why did she continue to lift, even as her son bowed out in favor of cycling? For her great-grandkids. 

They say, 'grandma is a superhero!' It makes me so happy they know they always have someone protecting them." 

And she was unstoppable- until age started catching up. Suddenly, everything was turned on its head.

 "It was just...sad, you know? My kids were worried sick. I was getting old. I was almost ready to throw in the towel." 

When Age Topples Even a Herculean Superhero Grandma 

At 79, Jane had been an inspiration to her fellow gym-goers. It felt like she was on top of the world- until the world turned upside down. "It was like a rug had been pulled out from under me." 

Jane found that she had to use lighter and lighter weights when her arms and legs were starting to feel weak. And then, there was the pain. 

What was supposed to be a routine gym session turned into a near nightmare when her joints seized up in pain. It got so bad, she missed going to the gym for weeks...when she used to go almost daily. 

With a competition fast approaching, she turned to her doctor- but he had bad news: "Weight-lifting at that age does a number on your spine. Your legs aren't getting the support they need while you rest, either." 

Worried sick, her sons Drew, Beaue and Javier begged her to stop and she opted out of the competition. 

But in secret, Jane wasn’t completely ready to give up.  

With no solution in sight, Jane was ready to resign to a life without her greatest passion 

Desperate to push through with one of the biggest competitions of her life, she turned to every solution she could think of: ointments, salves, pricey massages. But none of it was enough. 

“It felt like there was no end in sight for the pain and no way out of the clutches of my age.” 

Now depressed, Jane was starting to believe she had to give up her life’s biggest passion for good. 

She turned to her fellow gym-goer and golden-ager Tyler Bon, 80, for answers. Despite being a year older than her, he was still going strong and doing tougher and tougher deadlifts.  

What his secret was astounded her, she never could have guessed: the Bruner Orthopedic Pillow. 

How a Fellow Golden-Ager and Gym-goer Solved Her Pain Problem

According to Tyler, he’d gotten the Bruner pillow from his daughter as a Christmas gift. And it worked so well, he grew curious and looked into the story behind the pillow. "No pillow is that good out of nowhere. I had to know!"

It turns out that Dr. Isaac Bruner, an orthopedist, had designed the orthopedic pillow for his pregnant wife, who was going through constant pain at night and in the mornings. 

We reached out to Dr. Bruner for a comment: "It works with all types of body pain, not just ones experienced by pregnant women. Our bodies don't get enough support as we sleep." 

The Bruner Orthopedic Pillow promises to "improve spinal alignment to promote blood circulation and provide pain relief for all kinds of body pains, including back, hip, knee, and leg pain as well as sciatica and arthritis with its high-density memory foam and special shape. 

 It works as you rest so you wake up feeling better than ever. 

A Doctor, His Pregnant Wife, and How the 

Pain-erasing Pillow Came to Be 

Just three years after its release, Dr. Bruner’s company has shipped out 2 million pillows over the world.

"As someone who stays on his feet the whole day at work, the Bruner has been a godsend. It doesn't make me feel gross and sweaty like other pillows. Not bulky. Legs no longer hurt. It's fantastic." Craig Danby, 40, paramedic, Oakland, CA 

"This pillow provides amazing support for the legs and back. My knees don't feel awkward anymore (I'm a side-sleeper) and it's taken care of my lower back pain (I'm also a dentist!) Highly recommended." - Mary Jerrard, 35, dentist, Portsmouth, VA 

"I sleep like a baby with this pillow. It's made with a good density memory foam and is soft without being overly pliant. Bought one for my husband, too, as his knees are bad. Haven't heard a peep about them from him since!" Olivia Guzman, 27, teacher, Plymouth, MN 

Though a skeptic at first, Jane promised to use the pillow every night as Tyler did. And the results astounded her. 

A Benchpressing Granny's Triumph Over Age and Body Pain that Plagues Others Her Age and Younger! 

After a couple of weeks of regular use, to her utter surprise, her legs and arms started to feel immense relief from pain. "I woke up every morning feeling like I was thirty again. It was witchcraft!" 

Not only was she back at her game, but her better legs and arms also allowed her to take up heavier weights.   

And at the last minute, she rejoined the competition in her native Chicago. "I am going to win it. There's just no way I'm not, not with the state I'm in. Sorry, Tyler! This is the best I've ever felt!" Jane laughs. 

A week after the competition, we caught up with her. It turns out, Jane had won first place, beating out lifters several decades her junior! 

“You have no idea how happy I am, that I was able to do this,” She said through tears. “Thank you, Dr. Bruner.” 

The struggle with body pain from work, age, or the stress of everyday life is OVER. 

Say goodbye to knee, hip, leg, and back pain. No more to arthritis, sciatica and poor blood circulation. 

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