No more frustration with large leaves & debris!

No more headaches & frustration with algae build up!

Spend less time cleaning & more time enjoying the pool! 

"A Superior Product. You'd Be Shocked How Much Time I Saved With This. My Pool Is 15x25 Oval Above Ground With A Little Over 15,000 Gallons... Took Me Less Than 20 Minutes With This.”
David Wallace

from Durham, NC

Handheld Pool Vacuum

2,264 Reviews

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For Pool Owners Who Want Pool Cleaning 

With A Peace Of Mind This Summer

This Handled Pool Vacuum is all you need to keep the pool party going! Specially made to suck large leaves, gunk, and debris easily. The vacuum is made of durable ABS plastic, so it doesn’t get degraded by pool chemicals even after long use. It’s also weighted equally left & right so it always stays at the bottom of the pool.

The Handheld Pool Vacuum so simple to use, even your kid can use it. Perfect for small and large pools, spas, fish ponds, or hot tubs. Just connect with any standard garden hose or pool pole, and scrub away till your pool is squeaky clean!

  • Easy To Use & Maintain

    Just connect with any standard hose or pole, and scrub away till your pool is squeaky clean!

  • Weighted Base

    Vacuum head is weighted so it sinks right to the bottom of your pool and stays there.

  • Durable Material

    Molded from ABS plastic so it’s extra durable and resistant to common pool chemicals.

  • Universal Fit

    Hose connector included, will fit standard 1.25” and 1.5” garden hoses or retractable poles.

  • Wide Range Of Uses

    Perfect for cleaning small or large pools, in-ground or vinyl, spas, hot tubs, fish ponds, & more.

  • Bag Included

    Includes one reusable all-purpose bag to collect leaf and debris easily.

Note: hose and pole not included.

Today Only! Get Yours Now Before Our Limited Time Offer Ends
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Every Pool Owner Who Wants A Peace Of Mind Less Needs This!

It's Literally As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Connect With Hose Or Pole

Step 2

Lower Down Vacuum To Pool Surface

Step 3

Scrub Away Until It's Squeaky Clean!

You Need This If You...

  • Want to spend less time cleaning, more time enjoying your pool

  • Want to clear the leaves, gunk & debris  faster & easier

  • Want a minimal pool cleaning tool that's easy to use and reliable

  • Hate vacuum heads that don't stick to the bottom of the pool

  • Hate having to scrub the algae off from the pool walls by hand 

  • Hate wasting hours in the hot sun cleaning up the clogged filters

Originally: $89.99

Now: $38.97

Limited Time Only

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Perfect For Above Ground Pool Owners

“I bought a cheap pool vacuum last summer that came in a kit with a net, the vacuum, and a collapsible pole. But the vacuum broke after a month when it connects to the pole. Bought this as a replacement and wow, this vacuum works so much better at collecting leaves and debris. It also attaches to the standard sized pool extension pole I already had, so I saved money there.”

Sarah J.
  • Verified Customer

Don't sweep This One Under The Rug

“If you want something portable and easy to use to get rid of big leaves, this is it. Last hurricane season blew thousands of leaves into our uncovered pool... complete nightmare to clean. This was the first time I used the Handheld Pool Vacuum, and boy was I surprised how well it worked! We've had two Dolphin robotic vacuums that worked fine but required LOTS of maintenance and cost over a thousand dollars. I think this thing does just as good a job. Yes, it requires hands on effort but the robots require constant cleaning. With this one, I managed to clean our 18' pool in about ten minutes with zero loss of water.”

Kelly C.
  • Verified Customer

Works Extremely Well!

Excellent tool for the pool, so worth the money.Considering the price, didn't expect much but thought it worth a try. It actually works great! The collection net is not as small-pored as some $1000-plus robotic pool vacuums (which we have and use), but this works really well for leaves and crud down to about a millimmeter in diameter. And you can control where it goes, which is why I bought this.”

Lucy D.
  • Verified Customer

Skeptical At First, But OMG!

“As a first time time pool owner, I was super skeptical if it truly would work when buying, because of the price and minimalism of the product. I have weekly pool service but living in Florida it rains heavily in the afternoons and there's a oak tree near my pool so the leaves totally mess up my perfectly clean pool. Setup was super easy and instructions really aren't needed. Immediately upon putting in the pool it instantly started sucking up all the leaves at the bottom of my pool! It was super easy to use, my water hose is heavy so that added a little extra weight but worked like an absolute charm!”

Regina K.
  • Verified Customer

Essential For The Season

“I don't ever write reviews, but this product is AMAZING! I have been struggling with leaves for the past couple weeks. Our pool is huge and deep and our usual vacuum just isn't doing it. I spent $550 more last week on a different vacuum robot that was useless. I thought I'd give this little thing a try ー I took it out of the box today and straight to the pool. It took awhile because there were so many leaves, but I got nearly every one of them out! Especially considering the price, this is a jewel!”
Angel L.
  • Verified Customer

Worth Every Penny

“Gosh, why didn’t I find this sooner?! I already bought a complete cleaning kit that had a filter pump for my 18 x 48 Intex Pool and it didn’t work.... $$$ down the drain. Pump wasn’t strong enough, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. This, on the other hand... just ingenious. Don’t be fooled by how simple it looks, that’s exactly the point. I just hooked it up to my garden hose and pole and those maple leaves collecting at the bottom of my pool were gone in no time.”

Cheryl F.
  • Verified Customer

Product Specifications

Type: Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner 

Quantity: 1 piece

Material: Plastic

Color: White and Blue

Length: 25.7 cm /10.1 in

Net weight: 400 g/14.11 oz

Package Includes:

1 x Brush Head

1 x Handle

1 x Quick Connector

1 x Mesh Bag

1 x Water Inlet

Special Note

Due to COVID-19 and the increased demand over the holidays, some orders may take up between 10-15 days (United States), and between 15-25 days worldwide. We appreciate your support & understanding, as we are doing our utmost best to fulfill every order!