Body-builder Saved from Life-threatening Attack by 


Friday, January 31, 2020 | By Elsa Abbott

Milwaukee native Scott Ferrer, 33, is a body-builder who is proud of what he calls his “gains.” “I work out every day and built a body I am proud of. On any given day, I feel indestructible.” But according to Ferrer, there is one thing that reduces him into a “scared mess:” dogs.

“They can go right for the vitals. And it seriously doesn’t help that I get petrified when I see them. No amount of pull-ups can save me from an angry dog.”So on that Tuesday morning, on his way to another gym visit, Ferrer heard “mad barking” and knew it was over.

But just when he thought he’d have to suffer another potentially fatal dog attack, a wheelchair user swooped into action.

“Call me dramatic, but my fear is real. And justified. People die from dog attacks all the time.

“Suddenly I was that scared nine-year-old again.” 

Ferrer avoids parks when he can and even goes so far as to steer clear of veterinary clinics. Despite his large build, Ferrer knows he is no match for the jaws of a large dog. He has been afraid of them for years, starting when a neighbor’s dalmatian nearly mangled his leg when he was 9. 

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are approximately 4.7 million dog bites that occur in the United States per year alone. This largely stems from insufficient training that results in dogs acting out- and inevitably, attacking innocent people. 

So when he saw that large blur of muscle- a pit bull kept off the leash by its owner- that Tuesday morning on the way to the gym, Ferrer’s reaction was only natural. “I truly thought I was going to die.”  

Nobody came to his rescue. There was nothing to be done. Or so they thought.

Frozen to the spot in fear, Ferrer could do little else but yell for help. But his heart sank when the people around him failed to move. Watching the large pit bull barrel towards him, it all seemed hopeless. Ferrer was resigned to his fate. 

 Even with all the body-building and built body he’d earned, Ferrer had given up. Until he literally bumped into his rescuer.

“Bumped into the wheelchair, he thought it’s the end, but then it turned out differently.”

"I felt helpless. I couldn't outrun it, it was too late for that. I'd given up. That hospital visit was coming if I even survived the attack." Ferrer backed up until he bumped into Jay Valcroze. “I had no clue how things would turn out differently.”

 21-year-old Valcroze is a student and wheelchair user who just happened to be in the area...with the right timing and the right device.

 “It was like slow motion. Nobody else helped, so I tried. I had to. And a big part of me was confident it was going to work like it’s worked so many times before,” states Valcroze. He happened to be carrying an anti-barking device in his pocket. 

 To Ferrer’s amazement, the “gigantic” pit bull slowed down, whimpered, and ran off with its tail between its legs. “I ran up to him and hugged him. I was just glad to be alive.”

 Valcroze says that he ordered the tool because dogs were prone to getting nervous around him. The decision to order it came after an overly-friendly Golden Retriever attempted to climb onto his lap, nearly knocking him over in his wheelchair.

 "Ever since I got it, I don't leave the house without it, especially when I'm going to the park. Dogs don't try to hop up on my lap or go crazy, barking their heads off anymore."

“The humane solution to bad dog behaviors.”

Designed to stop barking and other harmful behaviors in dogs, the CanineSafe™ Bark Silencer uses powerful but harmless ultrasonic sounds that dogs find highly discouraging.

 "We wanted a humane alternative to shock collars," states Mark Satie, creator of the CanineSafe™ Bark Silencer ."We all love dogs, but they aren't perfect. So, it all started with a video on YouTube: Sounds Dogs Hate. 

We built our device around that very idea and designed it so that you can carry it anywhere. And we wanted it to be so easy to use, anyone could use it."It has a large 50-foot area of effect, making it highly effective for both your own pets as well as a neighbor's noisy dog. Pet owners use it to prevent chewed-up shoes and furniture, non-stop barking, and numerous other behaviors." And according to Satie, the results speak for themselves.

CanineSafe™ Bark Silencer produces "Rapid decline in bad dog behaviors."

Users of the Anti-barking Device have reported a rapid decline in bag dog behaviors not just from their own pets, but from others' animals as well. Here are what users are saying: 

"Our neighbor has the noisiest little chihuahua. It kept us up at night. This fixed that, and all without having to complain to the neighbor or hurting the dog." - Joan

"Within days my dog stopped wreaking havoc on our couch when he's bored or wants attention. This thing is legit," - Daryl Johnson

"Both of my furkids always ran to the door barking constantly and blocking the door when someone rang the doorbell. I used it a few times after I told them no bark, it works. They quit barking and I hardly use it any more. Also when we went camping they would bark at someone passing walking their dogs, no more. I carry it on my walks with them. I just have to say no bark. I love it." - Mary


Not wanting to repeat the nightmare of that fateful Tuesday morning, Ferrer has since ordered one for himself. 

"We have these laws but some people think they're above them. Always better to be safe than sorry. You never really know."

Both Valcroze and Ferrer urge owners to keep their dogs on a leash and to have their own anti-barking device on hand. In the wake of this near-nightmare, he and Valcroze have become best friends. He’s even starting to become friendlier with dogs. “This little thing keeps me feeling secure. It gets rid of the fear, like a lifeline.” 

Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it never will. People around the world are now using the CanineSafe™ Bark Silencer to protect themselves against vicious dogs.

Keep yourself and your loved ones from potentially lethal dog attacks with your own CanineSafe™ Bark Silencer. 

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