The Secret Battle This 99-Year-Old Yoga Master was Waging For Years- and How It Ended

Friday, January 31, 2020 | By Elsa Abbott

"It changed my life. Dealing with body pains was easier. At 98, I felt 20 again.If you know anyone struggling with body pain, chronic headaches, bad sleep, and other ailments, please share my story with them. It could ease their pain."

At the age of 99, “Yoga Granny” Sabana Anand had been finishing what was supposed to be her final world tour- until tragedy struck. 

Her illustrious career has inspired thousands of yoga practitioners around the world. She has personally taught just a select few hundred to become teachers.  

At the age of 98, she was primed to do her final world tour before retiring for good in her native India. Until tragedy struck: she had been holding the last of her yoga sessions in Finland. 

Things had been going well- until she suddenly doubled over in pain. Alarmed members rushed her to the hospital, where she was made to rest. 

“I thought I had to quit the number one thing I love. Hanging up my yoga sari for was a terrifying thought.” 

When even yoga fails: Shabana’s secret battle with chronic pain. 

At just 23, she’d mastered more than 50 asanas and become a yoga sensation. At 32, she was touring the world for the biggest names, attending to more than 2 million students. 

At 99, she’s about to hold her final tour around the world after overcoming crippling, career-stopping pain. 

Only Shabana’s close friends and family knew: from the age of 56 onwards, she’d developed chronic, debilitating migraines. Born into an agricultural family, she was told it was genetic. With painkillers being too expensive, It was exactly why she turned to yoga. 

“I had doctors look at it. It was nothing fatal but the pain was enough to leave me helpless and stunned.”

At first, the migraines only happened once a week and yoga was enough to alleviate the pain. But after a few years, it just wasn’t enough, so she turned to medical assistance.  

Everyone who’s had a migraine knows painkillers are the only way to ease the pain. But because Shabana used them daily, she was told to stop after her doctor found that she was on the verge of overdosing.

According to neurologist Martin Huntoon, “We need painkillers to, well, ‘kill’ pain. But regular painkiller use leads to disastrous results. At most you should be taking no more than 3 a day. Too many and you’re bound for medication-induced headaches, addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and worse.” 

It was after this that Shabana tried every other alternative she could think of: Reiki healing, physical therapy, confining herself to a dark, silent room, - none of it worked in the long run. 

With no more cure, her migraines left her bedridden 

With painkiller usage out of the picture, Shabana sought out as many alternatives as she could but none worked. The normally spry “Yoga Granny” was a shadow of her former self. 

“We tried everything. Even my beloved yoga wasn’t enough. I was depressed. My spirit was low.” 

 What Shabana nor Rajan would ever expect was that their solution would come knocking on her door: Dr. Jarkko Volanen. 

The miracle that knocked on Shabana’s door 

Dr. Volanen had developed an alternative to painkillers for his wife, a former rock-climber who battled painkiller addiction after a career-stopping accident that left her with chronic back pain. 

He was in the audience that fateful evening in Finland. A long-time fan of Shabana's, he did all he could to find her after. 

“I’d been developing this device for over twenty years. My wife, Marlene, was depressed and we had to take her to rehab to treat her addiction.” 

His search for an alternative to painkillers took him around the world. One vital solution would bring his research to a conclusion: acupressure. 

"A tour across Asia gave me the solution: acupressure. But sessions get pricey. My wife didn't want that, as much as I tried to get her to. I suspect it was the needles that scared her. So I attempted to come up with an alternative." 

After years of conceptualization and prototypes, he came up with a portable, needle-free alternative: the AcuPen. It was tested on more than 100 subjects with chronic pain: 98.7% reported relief over the course of a few uses. 

The pen that melts pain away: the AcuPen’s track record 

"I was scared it was too little, too late, but after she used it, it was like she had a new lease on life." 

Volanen’s invention didn’t just help his wife, it helped countless others suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, stress, and more.

“Received one from my son, for my rheumatoid. To my surprise, it's pretty effective. It melts the trigger points away. I like that it’s so small, too, so you can bring it anywhere.” Geoff Kosnik, 45, radiologist, Houston, TX

“It feels weirdly satisfying but oh my gosh, did it help with my insomnia. I don’t sleep without first using it on a few spots. I use it before work. It’s so calming.” Brandi Weber, 26, registered nurse, Henderson, NV 

“Excellent for both migraine and body pains, including wrist pain (which I am all too familiar with given my job.) Getting one for the wife, too, who initially wanted acupuncture sessions.” Roger Hubbard, 34, network systems coordinator, Carpentersville, IL 

When he heard about Shabana’s suffering, he visited her in her home in India to gift her with her own AcuPen. He instructed her on the spots to use the pen on when her migraine flairs up. 

 Delighted with this new solution, she promised the doctor he’d get a front-row spot when her migraines clear up.

Shabana wins her fight against chronic pain

To her utter surprise, the pen did in fact save Shaban from her crippling migraines. 

“I was stunned but for all the best reasons. It didn’t just make my migraines easier to handle, it also improved the way I slept, the way I breathed, the way I existed.” 

Feeling more rejuvenated than she’s felt in years, Shabana is primed to do another 10 last yoga sessions around the world. Her first stop? Finland, to give Dr. Volanen that front-row spot she had promised him. 

“I’m not ready to go out just yet.” 

If you struggle with chronic pain- fibro fibromyalgia, rheumatoid, neuropathy, and more- that negatively affects your day-to-day life, good news: there is HOPE. 

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